Corte Terrasignura e Sant' Andrea

Our Courts in the Old Town

Our B&B project, in the historic centre of Presicce, began in the alleyways, savouring and anticipating the secrets of the ancient architectural and urban harmonies. We were captured by its people-oriented and friendly atmosphere. We felt the need to tell people how they can live in harmony in this “remote” place, in a spirit of simplicity.

Presicce, in addition to its noble palaces, Duke’s palace garden, Square (beneath which the underground olive oil mills are located), has wonderful houses hidden in the courts where there seems to be a world where nothing can be touched.

Salento and surroundings

Video girato nella nostra Corte

Corte TerraSignura and Corte Sant’Andrea ranked 2nd in the 2008 Architecture of Ischia

PIDIA – Ischia International Architecture Award